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-No drugs allowed into our establishment, if you violate this rule you will be asked to leave and banned from future entry.

-No cigar or cigarette smoking allowed inside Jordan Valley Hookah Lounge. Hookah smoking releases aromatic smells of fruits and mints please do not pollute.

-Do not move the hookah, call a server if you want to move the hookah. This is for your own safety.

-Do not touch the coals as we will not be responsible for any injury caused.

-Try and not be loud as hookah smoking is a social and relaxing pass time.

-Promote good hygiene. Always use a mouth tip (but don't share one). If you're sick, don't smoke with friends

-When it is your turn, rest the hose in your lap. Do not place it back on the table. Once you have finished with your hookah session, the best way to say "we're done" is to wrap the hose around the shaft.

-Be mindful not to blow smoke into another person's face. While shot gunning (a term used to describe the act of blowing smoke from one person's mouth to another person's mouth) is not necessarily insulting, a good rule to go by is if the person doesn't want you to blow your smoke in their face, simply don't do it! Unwanted smoke in your face (not to mention subsequent breath) is considered rude, impolite, and gross.

-Do not move the furniture, your host will seat you.

-Do not litter, drink, make noise or congregate in the parking lot. Regular patrols by security, staff and police are carried out.

-Smoking hookah is a privilege and a civilized pastime. Having fun, relaxing with your peers, and enjoying a peaceful hookah session is what it's all about. Don't ruin the vibe for others! Follow the rules of hookah etiquette and experience the hookah culture in all its wealth.

9th Ave. Location, Near Cordova mall "In Publix Parking lot"

5045 North 9th Ave. 
Pensacola, Fl 32504
Tel: 850.466.5901 . Fax: 850.792.2802


201 South New Warrington Rd. Pensacola, Fl 32507
Tel:850.466.2342 Fax: 850.792.2802


Pensacola Downtown:
201 South Jefferson St. Pensacola, Fl 32502
Tel: 850.607.2780


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